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A person must have 'hope' to keep living. Do you know what happens when you find your passion? "everything" happens =) Now You Can Be Reminded of the Gift of Hope Each Time You Wear Our Charming Custom Jewelry. =) May wearing a piece of Hope Stone Jewelry lighten your heart and brighten the day!! Thank you for your support.http://www.etsy.com/shop/hopestones

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Grandson & Daughter

New Jewelry

"HANDMADE  !!~"BY ME"~!!

Vendors Welcome


Dont even worry about that

and the stupidity! You said that was the only reason you liked their pages so move on,,, they will drown in their own pool of bullshit LOL..Mindless twits that think they know whats going on..Too funny.......... They should spend more time reading about the Federal laws that govern the internet than worrying about petty bullshit. The original owner emailed me, I can do what I want to with it. A lot of people reported them for posting that crap on their pages. It wasnt appreciated by many. I didnt care, I wont argue with idiots!  I called people into my office to point and laugh. It was sold anyway but Ill email you the Etsy site where it is now =) Shell give you a good deal lol




Monday, June 27, 2011

Needing sponsors for my 500 'likes' Give-A-auction =)

In need of sponsors =) Please?

Check it out please....

Go See Tiffs Giveway

500 Fan Giveaway!!

I was threathened today, very funny!!

Ive been having trouble getting vendors to send me the items that I have paid for. I finally get one of those items and I forgot and also didnt know I had to close the case through PayPal so I get an email saying I have 24 hours to close th ecase or she is going to escalate it. OK? SO!! Damn - Go right ahead, escalate it for what?? She got paid back on June 2nd and none of this would be happening if she had sent the ring when she was supposed to to begin with. Pay Pal isnt going to do anything to me, I have like 30 days to keep it open. SHE SHOULD HAVE ASKED ME or reminded me to. Im easy to get along with and I usually help people without being asked but you DO NOT THREATEN ME!! Now you will wait until I remember to get there. I had another $400 sale today I dont need to run to PayPal for anything.

And heres something else biotch,,,, I have brain cancer, I Fn forget things often if I dont write it down. So now that youve pissed me off I will block you from my email and purposely NOT write down to do this for you. IT MUST SUCK TO HAVE TO WAIT EH???? Lets not forget I have no control over the brain tumor you dizzy *&%*&!!

Damnit lady you should have just asked, I would have raced over to help you out!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lil "Hope" is born =)

Her brother "Courage" will be with us soon =)

Breast Cancer Bracelets

Breast Cancer Bracelets
Breast Cancer Bracelets