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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just do it

If you wait until the fear is gone, the opportunity will have already passed. If you wait until you’re sure you’ll get it perfect, you’ll never get it started.
The time to act is when you have the intention. The time to act is as soon as you feel the urge to make a difference.
If you hesitate, you’ll begin to talk yourself out of it. When you give in to doubt, doubt will seize the momentum.
Let the fear inform you and prepare you, but do not assume that it must stop you. Realize that whatever you doubt you can do is precisely what you must find a way to do.
Choose to transform each excuse for holding back into permission to step forward. Remind yourself that you can handle the uncertainty and the challenges, and can in fact thrive on them.
As soon as you decide to get it done, go ahead right then and get it started. Make the commitment, and you’ll create the achievement.

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