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Friday, June 10, 2011

Celest Cancer Story

I was diagnosed with Stage 2a Grade 3 Breast Cancer on March the 9, 2008.
I was treated with a lumpectomy, 30 rounds of radiation, 18 chemo treatments
and 26 Herceptin. While my cancer was small and there was nothing in my
nodes because it was an aggressive cancer I needed full treatment. My
treatment took a year and a half of my precious life and has physically changed
me forever,

I never thought I would end up considering it a gift and using the knowledge
I gained to comfort others. It's funny how some of our  greatest challenges
set us on another course. Financially my life is so different but not only
financially, my heart is different. Because I went through my treatment alone
with no family I vowed that I would actively seek out anyone who needed
comfort, support, a chemo buddy whatever they needed they could take from
me and that's how I will live the rest of my life

I am considered cancer-free and a survivor of 3 and a half years. I don't brag
about it only consider myself lucky to be here to do the work we all need so
much-the work of patience, comfort and a giggle when we can. I have great
love for my cancer sisters and remember prayers and angels abound.

I am here for anyone who needs to talk-Please contact me a clsmith528@aol.com.

<3 Celeste

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Breast Cancer Bracelets
Breast Cancer Bracelets