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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

Sooner rather than later, your plans will be disrupted. Something will break down, someone will forget, or the weather will turn nasty.
Life rarely proceeds exactly as planned. Even so, you can find a way to proceed, and to succeed, in fulfilling your intentions.
Don’t make the disruptions worse by complaining, second-guessing, or feeling sorry for yourself. Quickly accept that whatever has happened, has happened, and do what you must do to deal with it.
Yes, you’d much rather be doing what you originally planned. So remind yourself that the fastest way to get back to what you planned is by accepting and addressing the disruption.
Instead of worrying about finding fault, put your energy into finding a way forward. Instead of envisioning all sorts of negative scenarios that might result, focus on the positive, effective actions you can take.
Your life will never be completely free of disruptions. Yet you are always free to move quickly, decisively and positively past each one.

Life brings you great and wonderful gifts each day. Be aware, be appreciative, and be willing to make the best use of every one.
Often, the most valuable of life’s gifts don’t look very appealing when you first encounter them. They appear as demanding problems and complicated challenges.
Be appreciative anyway, and soon you’ll begin to see the positive value that’s hidden in those difficulties. Be appreciative, and you’ll discover ways to make meaningful use of that value.
What you have may not seem like much, yet within what you already have is your connection to all you could ever desire. Truly appreciate what you already have, what you already know, what you already can do, and you’ll activate that connection to limitless abundance.
Be appreciative of the truth, even when it is painful. Be appreciative of each moment, of each circumstance, of each encounter, for everything can add richness to your life when you allow it.
Be appreciative of whatever may come. And you’ll see your own unique way to make it great.

Express your true desires in your thoughts, and you have a dream. Express  those true desires in your words, and you have a plan.
Express your desires in your actions, persistently and consistently. And you  have the attainment of whatever you desire.
Whatever it is you desire to have, to be, or to experience, already exists  within the realm of possibility. The more fully you express that desire, the  more completely it appears in your life.
Fulfillment is not a matter of getting something you don’t have. It is a  matter of fully expressing something you know is already there.
The difference between possibility and reality comes with the living of that  possibility. Live the possibilities with all you are, and you make them  real.
Whatever you can imagine has already been created in the vast and endless  field of possibilities. Think it, speak it, act on it, live it, and let it  unfold for all the world to celebrate and enjoy.

When you feel the need to complain about the way things are, remember this.  There’s something you could be doing right now to improve the situation.
Before you spend a lot of effort looking for someone to blame, look for ways  to move things forward. Consider what you can now do to make a positive  contribution.
There’s little to be gained by pointing out what is wrong unless you find a  way to begin making it right. Instead of dwelling on the problems, focus on the  opportunities they present.
Experience how much more satisfying it is to put your energy into moving  forward rather than looking backward. Even when the situation is not at all your  fault, the most effective option is to take responsibility.
What’s happened has happened, and no amount of finger pointing can change  that. Quickly direct your attention to the many positive and valuable things you  can do now.
Instead of being grumpy, be grateful for the opportunities that are now  available. Choose to take positive action, and there’s no limit to the real  progress you can make.

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