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A person must have 'hope' to keep living. Do you know what happens when you find your passion? "everything" happens =) Now You Can Be Reminded of the Gift of Hope Each Time You Wear Our Charming Custom Jewelry. =) May wearing a piece of Hope Stone Jewelry lighten your heart and brighten the day!! Thank you for your support.http://www.etsy.com/shop/hopestones

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My condition is not unique

I need to pay attention to everything that I am blessed with today. I get caught up in what I WANT - and miss everything that I HAVE! I get caught in the “pain trap” every now and then – that place where the only thing that exists in my pain… my condition is not unique: there are others out there in FAR greater pain; still putting together the best life possible… I need to get over the angonising pain on my new lump and get on with my  life!
We will not achieve that which goes unplanned in our dream world. We imagine first, and then we conceive the execution of a plan. Our minds prepare us for success. They can also prepare us for failure if we let our thoughts become negative...You can succeed with your fondest hopes. But you must believe in your potential for success. Ponder the positive today! Pain in my heart and my head is too much at once, my heart aches!

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