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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Relay For Life Walk



Im done begging for your attention and needing anything from people. I dont ask anymore so you wont have to be scared to be around me for fear I may ask for something, thats over. If you dont offer and I cant do it on my own then it wont get done, its that easy.At this point even if you did offer I'd tell you no.  Id rather pay a stranger anyway than knowing Im a burden or being resented because I have a brain tumor that lets not forget " I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER"!!!! But that just shows your mentality level. Its pretty fucken bad when you cant get someone to stop at your house to read something to you that you dont understand or CANT READ due to a tumor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Relay for life...this ceremony is to honor people touched by cancer and remember the loved ones we have lost to the disease. Survivors walk a lap to a song 'survivor' not what you think, one ive never heard before and never want to hear again, it was gut wrenching...Then you are supposed to walk the second lap with your caretaker, I no longer have one, havent for a while so I didnt walk the second lap. I havent seen my kids since before Mothers Day, guess I was lucky to get a txt msg on Mothers Day!! Thats ok Ive always told them to treat people the way they want to be treated so there you go.... Tomorrow is a new day... . My kids should have been there with me walking that survivors lap but NO they just too damn busy!!!

Surviviors and caregivers are walking a lap in rememberance of loved ones (my father) along side others who grieving and healing.  I WAS PROUD TO WALK IT WITH YOU KHRISTINA TANNER!!!!
Whoever doesnt like what I write or how I feel, dont come to my page, dont read it, delete me, whatever! Its that easy. Dont say anything to me about it, Im not listening, its how I feel and what I think. Now you all are done making me bitter and tearful and angry, Im moving on..Youve made me upset for over 3 weeks, its done...

Why is it that people (most people) think they have plenty of time to do things with a sick loved one then when things get bad they act shocked like they didnt know. Is it because they really dont care or because youre just too much trouble for them?

We made the paper   http://southwestiowanews.com/articles/2011/06/12/council_bluffs/doc4df418b1802a5572869605.txt

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