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Monday, June 6, 2011


Angie Zander Malloy ‎

((HUGS)) to you too!! In June 2008 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer (had chemo and radiation), then Dec. 2009 my doc found a brain tumor and I had Gamma Knife for that, then this past March another small tumor was found on my brain, and I had Gamma Knife again. I go back in August for my MRI. God Bless everyone who is faced with a cancer diagnosis, and many thanks and much love to our caregivers!! ♥

..Arzelia Nichols Our caregivers and loved ones are what really gets us through this mess and they are the ones we remember the bad and good and to the good ones WE APPRECIATE YOU!! Glad you brought that up Angie. I was diagnosed Jan 2010 with lung cancer, ...had surgery, took half on my lung then stomach surgery a month later for ulcer obstruction. In Nov 2010 a brain tumor that was growing rapidly 30mm March 4th had the gamma knife. It didnt break it up but it did stunt its growth. No new tumors yet. I will be having another MRI this or next week to check.

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